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Expressway Inspection

SWMP Compliance and Consulting

With the recent changes to CDPHE General Stormwater Permit regulations, it is more important then ever for contractors and site owners to remain compliant. We offer TECS inspection services, SWMP design consultation, and assistance in obtaining required storm water permits. Our inspectors have the experience to help determine the best (and quickest) methods to keep job sites compliant.

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Erosion Control

We install a wide variety of erosion control measures. We focus on quality work and quick mobilization to ensure that critical time and compliance goals are met. Projects with CDOT, Urban Drainage, USACE, or local municipal specifications; we install it all. We offer control measures such as erosion log, silt fence, check dams, aggregate bags, and inlet protection to keep sediment on site.

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Reclamation and Seeding

Verdant provides many different seeding, mulching, and planting options to get your site re-vegetated as quickly as possible.  With a background in agriculture and plant sciences, we understand how to stabilize soils efficiently and quickly.  We offer hydromulching, straw-crimp mulching, and erosion control blankets to stabilize a wide variety of soil conditions.

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Weed Control and Wildlife

We offer many different services to keep your property or right of way maintained and free of noxious weeds and problem wildlife; field and roadside mowing, weed control, prairie dog mitigation, wildlife/ hunting habitat installations, and more.  We will work with you to create make your vision come to life and bring the highest value to your property.

East Greeley Park Planting.jpg

Irrigation and Landscaping

We offer commercial and large scale installations of irrigation systems,  plantings of decorative grasses, shrubs, and trees, decorative mulch and rock, and retaining walls.  We have experience in a variety of trail, parks, parking lots, and commercial property landscaping and irrigation to increase visual appeal and value of public and private projects.

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Property Mgmt and Custom Farming

We offer silt removal, ditch maintenance, arena maintenance and renovation, fence installation and maintenance, trenching, culvert and pond installation, as well as a wide variety of custom farming operations.   Let us know if you have a need to help maintain or improve your property or reseed/ renovate your crop fields.

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Verdant Environmental was started because we truly care about protecting our water and environmental resources. Our founder, Harry Alles, is a 4th generation farmer who appreciates the importance of taking care of our lands so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. With experience conducting highway, municipal, streambank, and open space projects, we have the diverse knowledge to help you protect your job site from the costs and dangers of non-compliance. We are passionate about restoring land back to the native grasses and plants that are so important to our wildlife.






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